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Print Sale Exhibition - London

1968. A Generation in Revolt

A Print Sale exhibition of vintage and contemporary prints. From revolution and riots, to the Vietnam War, from the Mexico Olympics, to Californian hippies and the Civil Rights movement in America these represent an unmatched archive of a remarkable year. Features the historic work of Ian Berry, Josef Koudelka, Bruno Barbey, David Hurn and Paul Fusco.

Dates: 29 May - 25 July 2008 

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Exhibition - London

May 68: Street Posters from the Rebellion

To commemorate the revolutionary spirit of 1968, and to celebrate its own 40th birthday, The Hayward is presenting the first major display in the UK of posters produced by French students and workers during the strikes of May 1968 in Paris. These posters comprise some of the most brilliant graphic works ever to have been associated with a movement for social and political change. Produced anonymously by art students and striking workers, the posters were distributed for free, their bold graphic messages appearing on the barricades, carried in demonstrations and plastered on walls across France.

Dates: 1 May - 1 June 2008

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Exhibition - New York

Invasion 68: Prague by Josef Koudelka

In 1968 Josef Koudelka was thirty years old. He had committed himself to photography as a full-time career only recently, and had been chronicling the theater, and the lives of gypsies, but he had never photographed a news event. That all changed on the night of August 21, when Warsaw Pact tanks invaded the city of Prague, ending the short-lived political freedom in Czechoslovakia that came to be known as the Prague Spring.

Dates: 4 September - 30 October 2008

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Exhibition - France, Turkey, Czech Republic

May 1968 by Bruno Barbey

"I came back to Paris in spring 1968, after a long trip to South East Asia (the Vietnam war was at its paroxysm) and Japan, where big riots were taking place. I photographed most of the Paris demonstrations : the 'Sorbonne crisis' as well as the moment it was abandoned, with students shouting 'Too late, civil police, the Sorbonne is no temple'. I also photographed the occupation of the Odeon theatre, the striking Renault factories, the burial of Gilles Tautin, the big pro-De Gaulle demonstration on the Champs-Elysees and..."

Dates: Multiple dates throughout the year, click below for more details.

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Exhibition - New York

1968: Magnum in New York

The more you read and learn about 1968 the more difficult it becomes to understand how the Nation survived. And yet it of course did. Perhaps it is so that because there were so many momentous events, so much emotion, we forget that most people simply went along with their daily life. Tuning out the world around them, turning off the television, or at the very least changing channels. Isn't that, after all, what most of us do today?

Though this exhibit includes images related to many of those history-changing events, it also includes photos of people going about their business in pretty much the same way they had and would.

Dates: 4 September - 31 December 2008

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Exhibition - London

1968 on Record: A Year of Revolution

1968 was a year of change, excitement and upheaval around the globe. War was waged in Vietnam, students all over the world rose against authority, the Black Power movement grew in strength and political leaders fell victim to assassins. At the same time records were released, plays performed, and sporting and cultural achievements broke new ground. 

This small exhibition uses images and sound recordings from the British Library's collections to evoke the flavour of a fascinating and pivotal year of change. Featuring Magnum photographers Bruno Barbey and Philip Jones Griffiths

Dates: 8 Feb - 20 June 2008

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Exhibition - London

68: The News, the Stories, the Photographs

An exhibition featuring photography from the events of 1968, contexualized with front covers of one of the world's leading newspapers, International Herald Tribune. The exhibition will illustrate why 68 was such a prominient and unique year and how International Herald Tribune's journalists make it possible for the voices of the people affected to be heard.

Dates: 2 May - 28 June 2008

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Exhibition - Spain & Germany

68 by Bruno Barbey 

"May 68 was a 'necessary evil' as was the 'Prague Spring', or the crushing of Prague by the tanks of the Warsaw pact." - Bruno Barbey 

Exhibition accompanied by the film by Caroline Thienot-Barbey: "MAY 68 seen by BRUNO BARBEY"

Dates: Multiple dates throughout the year, click below for more details.

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Exhibition - Los Angeles

RFK Funeral Train

A uniquely profound record, RFK FUNERAL TRAIN is an oblique chronicle of the tragedy and trauma of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination. In tribute to RFK's raw empathy and his determination to make lives better across the social spectrum, hundreds of thousands of people stood patiently in the searing heat to pay their respects. It was one of those rare instance during the Civil Rights era that showed a nation coming together, when both black and white shared a respect for a leader whom they believed could have healed the country's wounds.

Dates: 5 June - 5 July 2008

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