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Book Launch

Prague Invasion: 1968 by Josef Koudelka

Czech photographer Josef Koudelka was centre stage with his camera when the Soviet tanks rolled into Prague in 1968, photographing mass demonstrations and the confrontations between protestors and invading soldiers. Smuggled out of Czechoslovakia soon after the invasion, Koudelka’s stunning black-and-white pictures of the citizens of Prague swarming the streets as tanks rumble towards them were widely published in theWest, and remain the definitive images of those tumultuous days. (Thames & Hudson, May 2008)

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Projection - London

Bruno Barbey: 1968

To accompany the exhibition 'May 68: Street Posters from the Paris Rebellion', Magnum Photos will present a projection of Bruno Barbey's work, whose record of the Paris riots in May 1968 produced some of the most iconic images of that time.

Dates: 1 May - 1 June 2008

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Talk - London

In Conversation with Mark Sealy

A talk with Mark Sealy about Civil Rights.

Mark Sealy, director of Autograph (the Association of Black Photographers) discusses the Magnum archive of 1968 in terms of Civil Rights and the myths surrounding this year versus the reality.

Dates: 16 June 2008

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Talk - London

In Conversation with David Hurn, John Morris and Geoff Dyer

Magnum photographer David Hurn, who captured the violent anti-Vietnam riots of Grosvner Square, discusses this historic body of work with John Morris (photographer and ex-Life Picture Editor) and writer Geoff Dyer.

Dates: 27 May 2008

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